Dyno3Zone Hybrid UV Spa Ozonator
  • Provides the highest levels of pure ozone available for a cleaner spa experience
  • Innovative technology

About Dyno3Zone

Dyno3Zone Spa Ozonator

State-of-the-Art • Best of Both Worlds

Imagine an Dyno3Zone system that is not CD or UV, but rather a combination of the two. Introducing our Dyno3Zone Generator, this system provides all the great benefits and positive attributes of both types, while possessing none of the shortcomings of either.

Why Dyno3Zone?

    • Dyno3Zone 80 mgof pure ozone per hour
    • Dyno3Zone won’t trip breakers, or overheat and burn up. You can run it 24/7/365 with peace of mind. 
    • No unsightly additions to your home spa. Dyno3Zone is visually appealing: 18″ long X 2.75″ tall X 3″ wide.
    • 120V/240V – No conversion necessary for Dyno3Zone, simply hook it up to voltage and it works.
    • 8000 Hour Replaceable Bulb
    • Anti-Flicker — Instant On
    • Tubing and check valve included


The Technology

Dyno3Zone GENERATOR: DYNO-3-ZONE SPA OZONATOR 120/240V Corona in Tube UV Bulb Anti-flicker/instant on lamp. OEM Code: 76508. Manf. Spa Sanitation Inc. Manf. # DYNO3. Identical to: DYNO3, 6-05-0038, 76508.

Added Benefits

The aesthetic value of this dynamic new unit is unparalleled. When it comes to Dyno3Zone, there are clearly many systems to choose from, but nothing compares to this system's unique eye appeal.