Automatic Bromine Generator
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need for bromine tablets
  • A virtually maintenance-free spa


The Pioneer in Automatic Bromine Generators

Cutting Edge Technology • Self-Maintaining • Safe

With the GENESIS device, we have set the standard in bromine generator systems for the spa industry. The GENESIS technology has been a proven leader in the industry for over a decade. It is a proven product that makes your spa much easier to maintain. The system is perpetually producing bromine. It takes care of your water so you don’t have to.

This bromine generator system electronically creates bromine via an electrolytic process, thus eliminating the need for conventional bromine tablets and ancillary support chemicals. The GENESIS Device is the original, as it was one of the first bromine generators on the market.


  • With GENESIS, your spa will be virtually maintenance free.
  • GENESIS provides a great cost reduction in spa maintenance by eliminating the purchasing, transporting, storing, and handling of bromine tablets and other chemicals.
  • For GENESIS, the demand is high, and it’s quickly becoming the choice of premier spa manufacturers.
  • The GENESIS Device has been leading the charge for what has become an evolution in consumer demand for self maintaining spas.

The Technology

The GENESIS Device Automatic Bromine Generator is the smartest, easiest, and most cost effective way to keep your spa sparkling and always inviting. Hot tubs and spas maintained by the GENESIS Device are virtually maintenance free. They also greatly reduce cost and aggravation by eliminating the purchasing, storing, and handling of Bromine tablets. This technology, while taking years to perfect, is easy to understand, simple to use, and amazingly effective.

Automating Your Tub

  • First, you add Tru Blu – Sodium Bromide to your tub or spa water. You only have to do this once, during the initial start-up process. *Sodium Bromide – “NaBr” is the cousin of Sodium Chloride “NaCl” (table salt).
  • The dissolved Sodium Bromide then circulates through your spa and makes contact with the GENESIS Device. The GENESIS then electronically converts Sodium Bromide into Bromine.
  • The Bromine treats your spa’s water then reverts back to Sodium Bromide, completing the perpetual cycle.
The GENESIS Device means that the days of buying tablets and filling those unsightly floating feeders are gone forever. No more hassle, just sparkling clean water. Additional Sodium Bromide is only added when your water level declines due to splash out, or when you drain and refill the tub. The GENESIS Device can go up to 12 months before a drain and fill is required, unlike non-equipped spas that require it every three months. Traditional methods of sanitizing, such as Bromine pucks, have unnecessary glues, binders, and bi-products that build up in your water. The GENESIS only uses 98% pure Sodium Bromide, a natural salt, which does not cause build up in your spa water. Synthetic graphite is utilized in our revolutionary Electrode cell, providing a surface area which is far greater than what is available with metal Electrodes. The Genesis Electrode is made up of two of these unique and powerful plates. The Electrode cell is installed in a clear PVC chamber and is then connected to the DC-out wires of the Genesis controller. Less than 30 watts total of DC power is then digitally pulsed across the Electrode cell electronically, turning Sodium Bromide into Bromine.

Installation Guide

Never attempt to make electrical connections yourself. Always have a licensed electrician provide this service. For a more detailed explanation of the installation of The GENESIS Device please consult your owner’s manual. Determine input voltage: 120 or 240 VAC. Set switch located on back of circuit board to proper input position. *Note all units are shipped with a factory preset of 240 VAC. Securely mount the controller to a vertical surface. Make sure there is sufficient cable to accommodate wire connections between the Genesis controller, the Electrode cell, and the AC power source. The Genesis controller must be wired to the load side of the pump or pump timer. This is extremely IMPORTANT: The GENESIS Device is designed to operate and produce bromine only while the pump is circulating water. Failure to observe usage directions may result in equipment damage. Use liquid tight flexible conduit between the AC power source and the Genesis controller. ELECTRODE CELL INSTALLATION NOTE: THE T-FITTING PARTS MUST BE GLUED PRIOR TO INSTALLATION TO AVOID LEAKAGE. TEFLON TAPE SHOULD BE WRAPPED ON THE THREADS OF THE ELECTRODE CAP FOR THE SAME PREVENTATIVE MEASURE. The Electrode cell must be positioned ¾’ below horizontal. This will allow the Bromine gas to fully escape the Electrode chamber. If the Bromine gas can not escape the chamber this will result in damage to the Electrode. Correct Installation:
Correct_Installation Incorrect Installation:

If the Electrode cell is positioned above horizontal or horizontal to the ground it can prevent the Bromine gas from fully escaping the chamber. This can cause build up a gas inside the chamber that can damage the life of the Electrode.
*The Electrode cell produces concentrated Bromine. To avoid damage the Electrode cell should always be installed after the heater.*

Water Chemistry

REMEMBER: ALWAYS ADD CHEMICALS TO WATER NEVER WATER TO CHEMICALSWater chemistry must be balanced before starting up The GENESIS Device. If the water is not properly balanced -The GENESIS will not create Bromine.
  • pH Ideal range 7.2 – 7.8 (7.6 being optimum), test weekly
  • Alkalinity Ideal range 80 - 120 ppm, test monthly
  • Calcium Hardness Ideal range 150 – 250 ppm, test yearly
NaBr – Sodium Bromide
  • Ideal range after adding Tru-Blu: 1900 – 2100 PPM
  • Phosphates – level should be less than 30 PPB
ADJUSTING WATER CHEMISTRY Follow the label instructions based on your tub size. We recommend Biolab, Leisure Time, and Blue Wave products. See your local pool and spa dealer. Adjusting your pH:
  • If pH is low (below 7.2), raise by using a base baking soda or soda ash product.
  • If pH is high (above 7.8), lower by using a muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate product.
Adjusting your Alkalinity:
  • If Alkalinity is low (below 80), add baking soda product.
  • If Alkalinity is high (above 120), add sodium bisulfate product.
Adjusting your Calcium Hardness:
  • If Calcium is low (below 150), add a calcium chloride product.
  • If Calcium is high (above 250), partially drain the tub and refill with fresh water.
Adjusting your TDS – Total Dissolved Solids: Total Dissolved Solids are a combination of metals, minerals and other organic materials in your water. If your spa has been filled with well water or with water from a non-municipal source, additional chemicals to remove metals and or chemical contaminants may need to be added to your water. TDS can be tested with a meter, test strip, or by taking a water sample to your local pool and spa dealer. Phosphate Contamination Phosphates are contaminants that come from products such as fertilizer, soap, shampoo, lotion, and perfume. Phosphates can be tested with a strip or by taking a water sample to your local pool and spa dealer. *Some spa chemicals such as spa filter cleaners and salt water softeners contain Phosphates and should not be used. For additional information, consult your owners manual.

Start Up Instructions

It is important that you read and understand the start-up instructions prior to proceeding with action. It is important that you follow the hot tub manufacturer’s instructions on start-up preparations and initial set-up of the hot tub itself. Then you can proceed to the step-by-step GENESIS Device instructions below: Step 1. Before filling your spa, test your water source for “TDS” (Total Dissolved Solid — various organic and inorganic matter present in your water content). This can be done by your spa dealer or with purchased test meter. The ideal range for your start-up TDS is between 200 and 500 ppm. If your starting TDS is above 500 (or you are filling with water from a well or non-municipal source, a metal remover or pre-filter should be used to reduce TDS and metals). DO NOT FILL SPA WITH WATER FROM A SALT WATER SOFTENER Step 2. Fill your hot tub or spa with water, up to the level recommended by the manufacturer. Step 3. Balance the water to the recommended water chemistry levels:
  • pH: 7.2 - 7.8
  • Alkalinity: 80 - 120 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 150 - 250 ppm
  • Sodium Bromide: 1500 - 1900 ppm
*For additional information on balancing your water chemistry refer the Water Chemistry tab on the Genesis home page, consult your owner’s manual. Step 4. After your water is balanced properly, turn your jets on high speed and add the appropriate amount of Tru-Blu per your tub size. Allow the jets to run for 15 minutes on high speed to dissolve the Tru-Blu prior to proceeding to the next step. Step 5. Turn the decrease / increase dial clockwise until the LED displays 10. If using a two-speed pump system, set the daily circulation time to a minimum of 8 hours per day. NOTE: If using a 24 hour circulation pump, a power setting of 6 or 7 is adequate. Keep the dial set at 10 and let your tub circulate for 24 hours, then test the Bromine level. You should have established a Bromine bank of between 3-5 ppm. Do not use your spa during this time. NOTE: The GENESIS will only produce Bromine when the tub is circulating. The lights or power on the Genesis controller will only appear during these times. If using a 24 hour circulation pump, the unit will produce bromine 24 hours a day. NOTE: The controller will have a “+” or “-” sign to the left of the power setting (1-10) and will reverse every 4-6 minutes. This is normal and indicates that the Electrode cell is reversing polarity during its self-cleansing process. Step 6. Turn your GENESIS dial down to an appropriate setting based on how often you use your spa. A spa with a higher-than-average bather load will require a higher setting. This simply means that the Genesis needs to produce more Bromine to maintain a level between 3 and 5 ppm. The average power setting for The GENESIS Device is between 6-8.


It is important to always keep your spa or hot tub water in balance. Maintaining the pH and the Alkalinity is part of being a spa owner.

The GENESIS Device requires you to determine your power setting based upon your circulation time and your spa usage. The Genesis Device requires a minimum of 8 hours of circulation per day. If the spa is not circulating, your GENESIS is not generating Bromine. If you find that you are having trouble maintaining the desired level, make sure the spa is circulating the required amount.

A spa that is frequently used will require a higher power setting then a spa that is less frequently used. If you have a low Bromine reading simply turn up the decease / increase dial on the face of The GENESIS Device. Likewise, if you find that the Bromine level is high, turn the dial down. The Bromine level will then gradually reduce to the production rate required to suit your needs. Depending on the amount usage, circulation time, and type of spa, each spa owner’s setting will be different.

The GENESIS can go up to 12 months before a drain and fill is required, unlike non-equipped spas that require it every three months. The reason is because GENESIS does not add unwanted chemical bi-products like traditional chemicals do.

It is important to note that Sodium Bromide is not the only contributor to the TDS count in your water. Over time, the TDS count in your water will rise (from things such as residuals from other chemicals and minerals, and unfilterer-able material). It is advisable for you to test the TDS every few months to make certain it stays within range. It is recommended to shower prior to entering any hot tub or spa. This will help prevent phosphate contamination and reduce the demand on the bromine.

Shocking your tub is recommended after heavy bather load.



Do you have the appropriate amount of Tru-Blu in the water? Using the GENESIS Sodium Bromide Test Strips, make sure your Tru-Blu reading is between 1900 - 2100 PPM. If the salt reading is greater than 2,100 adjust by a partial drain of the spa (drain 4 to 8 inches and then refilling the water back up to the spa’s water line should be adequate in most circumstances).

Is the spa set for sufficient circulation time? Two Speed Systems: Ensure the spa is circulating on low speed at a minimum of 8 hours per day. Above average bather load or adverse water conditions will require increased circulation time.

Is your spa’s water chemistry in balance? Do you have green or cloudy water? Ensure that your water chemistry is correct. The pH needs to be between 7.2 – 7.8. The Alkalinity needs to be 80 – 120. Calcium Hardness needs to be 150 – 250 ppm. Check with your spa dealer for corrective measures.

Are you shocking your tub? Oxidizing or “shocking” could be required weekly, and in some cases daily, to oxidize waste, reduce demand on Bromine and restore spa water’s sparkle and clarity.

Does the GENESIS have flashing dots on the controller? Check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Flashing dots indicate that TDS is becoming too high. A partial drain & fill will typically correct this problem.

Does the GENESIS have solid dots on the controller? This indicates TDS is at a level above that in which Genesis can function. The power to the Electrodes has been disabled and the system is not producing Bromine. The TDS must be lowered. A complete drain and refill will typically solve the problem.

NOTES ABOUT TDS: TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a combination of metals, minerals and other organic material. GENESIS requires that the TDS from the fill water be in the low range of 200-500 ppm. Municipal water sources in most cases are typically in the acceptable range. Well water is typically high in TDS. Before filling from a high-TDS source, a carbon block pre-filter is highly recommended. A metal remover can sometimes reduce TDS sufficiently. NOTE: Do not fill spa with water from a salt water softener.

Do you have foam in your water and no Bromine reading? You have Phosphate contamination. Phosphates promote algae growth and inhibit Bromine production. Phosphates can be introduced to your spa in many ways (via domestic water sources, fertilizers, hygiene products such as soaps shampoos and lotions). Some spa chemicals (including some spa filter cleaners and some metal sequestering agents) contain Phosphates and should not be used. Phosphate test strips are available that can determine if level exceeds the maximum acceptable level of 100 ppm. Treatment with a Phosphate remover for 4-5 days with a follow-up filter cleaning is recommended to remedy this problem.

Do you have a broken/cracked Electrode cell? If the GENESIS is not producing desired Bromine level and a black coloring is visible in the filter or at the water line, you could have a cracked or broken Electrode cell. Contact the spa dealer from which you purchased your spa for warranty information.