BLU FUSION Next Generation Advanced Automatic Bromine Generator
  • Provides up to 2100 gallons of crystal clean water
  • Creates organic, pure bromine from natural, Dead Sea salt


The Industry Leading BLU FUSION Bromine Generator System

Environmentally Friendly • Ease of Installation • Crystal Clear Water

BLU FUSION is cutting edge technology in spa/hot tub and swim spa water treatment. The latest in the long-standing Genesis product line, it provides a continually clean, inviting, and always-safe recreational water environment for you and your family.

Why Genesis BLU FUSION?

  • No other hot tub system creates such an AMAZING feel to your water. The special Dead Sea Salt not only works with your BLU FUSION system to maintain pristinely clean water, but it makes your water feel soothing and silky! Learn more about the special Dead Sea Salt HERE.
  • BLU FUSION eradicates the need for many harmful chemicals, floaters, and other unsightly and inconvenient burdens of the traditional chemical regimens of the old hot tub world. This creates a safer and cleaner spa experience.
  • With BLU FUSION, there are no unpleasant chemical odors, dry skin or itching! And your spa or swim spa will be 100% chlorine free!
  • BLU FUSION is easy to use, simple to set-up, and ensures that you will have a clean spa. It installs in-line on most any new or existing hot tub or swim spa.
  • BLU FUSION reduces your chemical impact on the environment while saving you thousands of gallons of water, time and money.
  • BLU FUSION is making the world a greener place one spa at a time. 

The Technology

Genesis BLU FUSION technology eliminates the dry skin, pungent chemical smell, and unsightliness of old tablet feeder systems. With BLU FUSION, there is no more hassle, just sparkling clean water.

Automating Your Tub

How does my Genesis BLU FUSION System Work?  The BLU FUSION Automatic Bromine Generator device is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your hot tub/spa sparkling clean and always inviting. BLU FUSION uses naturally occurring bromide salt in your spa’s water and through a low voltage current, converts it into pure Bromine. This process is called Electrolysis. As an effective bactericide and algaecide, Bromine remains present in your water as long as you are managing your water effectively. By eliminating any chemical by-products, the wasteful spa draining and refilling cycles are dramatically reduced – ultimately saving thousands of gallons of water annually and virtually eliminating all those nasty chemical additives. Pure Bromine is not the same chemical that comes from brominating tablets, powders or liquids. Instead, Pure Bromine is free of chlorine, binders or compounding agents – and is virtually odorless. This Pure Bromine destroys water-borne bacteria and algae in your spa’s water. Additionally, Pure Bromine swiftly eliminates the presence of organic materials left behind by spa bather’s such as oils, sweat, and skin cells. As an added bonus, Pure Bromine does NOT contain calcium thus it can be used without concern for increasing your calcium hardness.
Flow Chart

Installation Guide

The results of using Genesis BLU FUSION technology in your spa are immediate and stunning. When free of contaminants, your spa’s water will be clear, soft, and amazingly brilliant. BluWater Technology devotes all of its efforts to eliminating dry skin, pungent chemical smells, and the unsightliness of tablet feeders and poorly managed water. What will happen when you use Genesis BLU FUSION Technology in your spa? more hassle, just sparkling clean water!


Be certain you start with a clean spa. It must be free of solids and other residues that can accumulate on the sides and/or around the jets. It is also important to only use spa cleaning products that have no phosphates since phosphates will hinder Bromine production. Always start your spa with a clean spa filter before filling your spa with water.

If the water source is well water or a non-municipal water source, you should have your water tested for “TDS” Total Dissolved Solids. Water with high TDS is likely to have higher metal content and will need a metal remover to decrease the metals and help ensure a successful start. This test can be done by your local spa dealer. The ideal range for your start-up TDS is between 50 and 300 PPM - mg/L. If TDS from your source water is above 500 PPM, a metal remover is strongly recommended.

1. Using your PURE FILL Pre-Filter, fill your spa with water to the recommended level and DO NOT FILLWITH WATER FROM A RESIDENTIAL WATER SOFTENER.
2. Before starting the BLU FUSION system, balance your water chemistry to ensure a successful start up. Ideal ranges are as follows:

  • pH (7.2-7.8)
  • Alkalinity (80-120)
  • Calcium Hardness (150-250)
  • Phosphates (less than 30 PPB)
Use the phosphate test kit included with your Genesis System. Bromine production will be significantly reduced if phosphate levels are high. If phosphate levels are high purchase a phosphate remover and follow the directions accordingly. Any phosphates in your spa will reduce Bromine levels.
3. Determine the level of “NaBr” (Sodium Bromide) required for your spa size. NaBr should be addedat a rate of 1.2lbs per 100 gallons or 1300-1500 PPM. Note. For Swim Spas or Spas greater than 1200 gallons add at a rate of 2lbs per 100 gallons or 2000 PPM.
Example: For a 500 gallon spa add approximately 6lbs of NaBr. 1.2 lbs x (5) 500 gallons = 6lbs NaBr.
4. Turn Jets on high speed, broadcast the NaBr across the surface of the water to help evenly distribute the NaBr into the spa and let circulate for 30 minutes.
5. Test the Sodium Bromide concentration with the TRU BLU NaBr test kit. If you have added the correctamount of NaBr, you should have a reading between 1300-1500PPM.
6. Adjust the filtration time to circulate a minimum of 8 hours every 24 hours on a 2 speed pump.
7. For an average spa between 300-500 gallons we recommend starting at a power setting of “6” withthe “boost” feature depressed. This will accelerate the production of the bromine level for the first 8 hours.
8. Always keep your bromine level between 3-5 PPM. The spa size, filtration, and bather demand will determine what maintenance setting is required. Test your bromine level after 24 hours and adjust the power setting up or down depending on the bromine levels that are indicated. Adjusting more than 1 setting at a time will have a significant impact on the daily bromine output. These numbers on the power setting only reflect the measure of power to the system and are not related to the number of bathers using the spa.
Click here for your Start Up Flowchart.

Water Chemistry

  • Water chemistry must be balanced before starting up Genesis II.
  • If the water is not properly balanced — Genesis II will not create Bromine.
  • pH Ideal range 7.2 – 7.6, test weekly
  • Alkalinity Ideal range 80 - 120 PPM, test monthly
  • Calcium Hardness Ideal range 150 – 250 PPM, test yearly
NaBr – Sodium Bromide
  • Ideal range after adding Tru-Blu: 1300 – 1500 PPM
  • Ideal range for Swim Spas after adding Tru-Blu: 1900 – 2100 PPM
  • Phosphates – level should be less than 30 PPB
Adjusting water chemistry:
  • Follow the label instructions based on your tub size.
  • We recommend SeaKlear, Biolab, Leisure Time, and Blue Wave products.
  • See your local pool and spa dealer.
Adjusting your pH:
  • If pH is low (below 7.2), raise by using a base baking soda or soda ash product.
  • If pH is high (above 7.8), lower by using a muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate product.
Adjusting your Alkalinity:
  • If Alkalinity is low (below 80), add baking soda product.
  • If Alkalinity is high (above 120), add sodium bisulfate product.
Adjusting your Calcium Hardness:
  • If Calcium is low (below 150), add a calcium chloride product.
  • If Calcium is high (above 250), partially drain the tub and refill with fresh water.
Adjusting your TDS – Total Dissolved Solids: Total Dissolved Solids are a combination of metals, minerals and other organic materials in your water. If your spa has been filled with well water or with water from a non-municipal source, additional chemicals to remove metals and or chemical contaminants may need to be added to your water. TDS can be tested with a meter, test strip, or by taking a water sample to your local pool and spa dealer. Phosphate Contamination Phosphates are contaminants that come from products such as fertilizer, soap, shampoo, lotion, and perfume. Phosphates can be tested with a strip or by taking a water sample to your local pool and spa dealer. *Some spa chemicals such as spa filter cleaners and salt water softeners contain phosphates and should not be used. Click here for a Water Chemistry Flowchart.



Spa owners should purchase Bromine/ pH/ Total Alkalinity (3 in 1) test strips from your spa dealer and test your spa’s water regularly to ensure that your pH, Alkalinity and Bromine levels are in the proper range. Never enter a spa that has cloudy water or insufficient bromine levels. Your spa dealer has a variety of products to increase or decrease your pH value and Total Alkalinity. If you are unsure how to use these products after reading their directions, consult your dealer for assistance.

FINDING THE RIGHT POWER SETTING FOR Genesis BluFusion may seem daunting at first, but it’s really quite simple.

For the first few days of operation monitor your Bromine Level. The ideal level for bromine is between 3-5 PPM. Should your bromine elevate above 5 PPM reduce power setting daily until the desired bromine level is achieved. Adjusting more than 1 setting at a time will have a significant impact on the daily bromine output.


Circulation time is a very important element for clean and inviting water. Eight (8) hours is the minimum circulation time needed for Genesis BluFusion to create the proper amount of bromine for your spa. Your system should only be powered up and producing Bromine when your spa is circulating.


FILTER MAINTENANCE: Filters should be cleaned monthly for the Genesis II to perform at maximum efficiency. Remove the spa filter(s) from your spa and immerse in a 5 gallon bucket of clean water. Then add a filter cleaner with NO PHOSPHATES to the water. Follow the instructions on your filter cleaner product. Some spa owners actually have a second filter or set of filters that they swap out during the cleaning process.

  • The appropriate setting for your ISIS unit will depend on how often you use your spa. A spa with a higher-than-average bather load will require a higher setting on the Genesis unit. This simply means that the system needs to produce more bromine to maintain the level between 3 and 5PPM.”
  • It is important for all spa users to shower before entering the spa to minimize contaminates; phosphates, deodorants, sprays, oil, skin, hair etc
  • For the occasional heavy bather load press the “BOOST” key instead of adjusting the setting.
  • Sodium Bromide does not evaporate or deplete from the usage. NaBr levels will reduce from your spa because water carry out and splash out can deplete the Sodium Bromide concentration over time. If bromine production becomes a question, test for Sodium Bromide level to ensure the NaBr levels are adequate.
  • With the BluFusion System, draining and cleaning the spa is recommended once per year. Follow the start up instructions.
  • It is good spa management to test the bromine level before spa use. Testing after using the spa will give you a lower bromine reading. The system goes back to work over the next 24 hours of circulation and brings the bromine level back to normal.
  • NON-USE of Spa: If spa will not be in use for an extended period of time, lower the power setting to the normal maintenance setting to prevent elevated bromine levels.
  • The system only creates bromine when the circulation pump is “ON”.
  • The system controller should only display LED readout during low speed circulation. When the display is visible, Bromine is being produced.
  • Always use a Non-Chlorine Shock when shocking your spa, and DO NOT USE A CHLORINE SHOCK
  • If Phosphates are present do not drain your spa and start over, as phosphates may still be present. Add a phosphate remover and let the spa circulate for 24 hours. Remove the phosphates by thoroughly cleaning the filter.
  • Clean your filter thoroughly and rotate an alternate filter after any treatment. Clean your Spa filters after any and all chemical treatments.


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on your Genesis Original or BluFusion system.

What's in the Box?

Genesis II Std. Control Box
  • Mounting Bracket (also sold separately)
  • Genesis II Helix Cell
  • 2 (two) 1” to ¾” barbed elbow connectors
  • Carbon Spa Pre-Filter
  • Phosphate Test Kit
  • TRU-BLU Sodium Bromide Test Strips
Genesis II Top-Side Control Logix
  • Genesis II Helix Cell
  • Genesis II Power Assembly
  • 2 (two) 1” to ¾” barbed elbow connectors
  • Carbon Spa Pre-Filter
  • Phosphate Test Kit
  • TRU-BLU Sodium Bromide Test Strips