• Necessary for all GENESIS Systems (also used with our system formerly known as Intelligent Spa Integrated Sanitation, or "ISIS")
  • EPA Registered, 99% pure Sodium Bromide



Genesis TRU BLU is 99% pure Sodium Bromide (NaBr) and comes from Be’er Sheva, Israel on the Dead Sea. This natural salt is added to your hot tub or spa water in order for your automated bromine generator to operate. When Sodium Bromide comes in contact with the system electrode it’s converted from Sodium Bromide (salt) into low levels of pure free Bromine through electrolysis. Genesis TRU BLU is specifically for use in your Genesis automated bromine generator. In the United States, Bromine generators require 99% pure sodium bromide that is EPA Registered like Genesis TRU BLU salt. Be sure not to use unregistered sodium bromide salt in your Genesis Device, Genesis BLU FUSION system, or the Intelligent Spa Integrated Sanitation system (ISIS). When using your bottle of TRU BLU, please follow the instructions carefully.

The benefits of using Dead Sea Salt in your hot tub or swim spa are amazing, CLICK HERE for more information on this special salt.

Why Tru Blu?

You will find that over time the water level in your spa will decrease. This is caused by evaporation and water removal (splashing, exiting bathers, etc). Evaporation will not reduce the amount of Sodium Bromide in your spa, because salt does not evaporate. Water removal will result in loss of some Sodium Bromide.

How Does It Work?

When starting your Genesis Device, it is important to add the correct amount of Tru-Blu to your spa water. Add 2 lbs. for every 100 gallons of spa water. *It is recommended to add less rather than more Sodium Bromide to your water to ensure that you do not overdose and exceed the correct dosage. If you have a 550 gallon spa, treat it like a 500 gallon and use 5 bottles of Tru-Blu. The Sodium Bromide level in your spa should be between 1500 – 1900 ppm. Consult the chart on your bottle of Tru-Blu Test Strips, the reading should fall between 7.6 and 8.0. Tru-Blu Test Strips are available through all authorized GENESIS Device dealers. The use of these strips will help you determine how much, if any, additional Tru-Blu to add to your water due to evaporation and/or removal. To increase the amount of Sodium Bromide in the water, use the two ounce bottle cap. One cap full will increase the Sodium Bromide level by 70 ppm per 100 gallons.

Water Chemistry

REMEMBER: ALWAYS ADD CHEMICALS TO WATER NEVER WATER TO CHEMICALS Water chemistry must be balanced before starting up The Genesis Device. If the water is not properly balanced, The GENESIS will not create Bromine.
  • pH Ideal range 7.2 – 7.8 test weekly
  • Alkalinity Ideal range 80 - 120 ppm test monthly
  • Calcium Hardness Ideal range 80 – 150 ppm test yearly
TDS – Total Dissolved Solids:
  • Ideal range before adding Tru-Blu: 200 – 500 ppm
  • Ideal range after Tru-Blu has been added: 1700 – 2300 ppm
  • Phosphates – level should be less than 100ppb
Adjusting Water Chemistry: Follow the label instructions based on your tub size. We recommend Biolab, Leisure Time, and Blue Wave products. See your local pool and spa dealer. Adjusting your pH:
  • If pH is low (below 7.2), raise by using a base baking soda or soda ash product.
  • If pH is high (above 7.6), lower by using a muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate product.
Adjusting your Alkalinity:
  • If Alkalinity is low (below 80), add baking soda product.
  • If Alkalinity is high (above 120), add sodium bisulfate product.
Adjusting your Calcium Hardness:
  • If Calcium is low (below 80), add a calcium chloride product.
  • If Calcium is high (above 150), partially drain the tub and refill with fresh water.
Adjusting your TDS – Total Dissolved Solids: Total Dissolved Solids are a combination of metals, minerals and other organic materials in your water. If your spa has been filled with well water or with water from a non-municipal source, additional chemicals to remove metals and/or chemical contaminants may need to be added to your water. TDS can be tested with a meter, test strip, or by taking a water sample to your local pool and spa dealer. Phosphate Contamination Phosphates are contaminants that come from products such as fertilizer, soap, shampoo, lotion, and perfume. Phosphates can be tested with a strip or by taking a water sample to your local pool and spa dealer. *Some spa chemicals such as spa filter cleaners and salt water softeners contain Phosphates and should not be used.