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The benefits of Dead Sea Salt in your hot tub or swim spa.

deadseabeershevablufusionWith the ever-increasing awareness and popularity of Dead Sea Salt and the benefits associated with it, many people contact us with questions regarding how it relates to them getting more out of their hot tub or swim spa experience. Most people have heard something about the legendary fame of the Dead Sea and the world-renowned health and relaxation benefits for the body and mind that come from bathing in its special salty waters. After all, the world’s elite have been journeying there to soak in its amazing waters for thousands of years. Genesis TRU BLU salt is 99% pure sodium bromide, one of the main salts found in the Dead Sea, and bromide salt has been shown to increase muscle relaxation and comfort (see below). Genesis TRU BLU comes from the Dead Sea near Be’er Sheva, Israel. A Genesis BLU FUSION system on your spa isn’t just the best way to keep your water pristinely clean, it’s the best warm water relaxation to rejuvenate your body and spirit!

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what the experts have to say:

The following is an excerpt from “Why are Dead Sea salts beneficial?” – by Amy K. McNulty, Ph.D.

“…Bromides act to ease muscle stiffness and relax muscles. Sodium is important for the lymphatic fluid balance (this in turn is important for immune system function). So we can see that bathing in high quality sea salt could replenish the minerals which are critical to our skin metabolism.

Studies have been conducted on the health benefits of bathing in Dead Sea salts. One such study was conducted by Dr. I. Machtey on 103 patients suffering from osteoarthritis and tendinitis. Patients were either treated with baths of 7.5%, 2% or 0.5% Dead Sea salt concentration. Improvement was found after as little as one week of treatment for those treated with 7.5% or 2% salt baths. By the study’s end, 80% of the patients reported less pain; 70% experienced improved mobility and 60% were able to decrease their use of analgesics.

Dr. J. Arndt studied the effect of Dead Sea salt baths on psoriasis. Fifty patients were treated for 3-4 weeks, taking 3-4 baths each week. In as little as one week, many patients treated with a 10% salt concentration in their baths experienced marked improvement. This improvement included relief from itching, sleep disturbances, and skin scaling. Treatment with Dead Sea salts is not associated with any side effects.”

– by Amy K. McNulty, Ph.D.

(1.) Machtey, Dr. I. 1982, Dead Sea Balneotherapy in Osteoarthritis, Proc. International Seminar on Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases.
(2.) Arndt, Dr. J. 1982, Salt from the Promised Land Helps Psoriasis Patients, Arztliche Praxis, 34(48).

The following information was taken directly from the encyclopedic site Wikipedia (you can read the entire articles and reference the scientific sources at

Dead Sea salt refers to salt extracted or taken from the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is popular with tourists from all over the world for its reputed therapeutic effects. The water of the Dead Sea has a salt content of 29%, compared to 4% in the oceans, and is consequently substantially denser. This allows anyone to easily float on Dead Sea water because of its greater density. Its mineral composition is also different from ocean water since only 12–18% of Dead Sea salt is sodium chloride. A 2006 analysis of a commercial Dead Sea Salt product measured a 2.5% sodium chloride content; by comparison, 85% of the salt in normal ocean water is sodium chloride.

Various cultures and groups of people have visited the Dead Sea for therapy, dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, utilizing the salt in various unguents and skin creams, as well as soaps, just as it is used today.

Medical Uses: The bromide ion is antiepileptic, and bromide salts are still used as such, particularly in veterinary medicine. Bromide ion is excreted by the kidneys in humans and all other mammals. Sodium Bromide is also used as an anti-seizure ingredient and treatment of hyperthyroid conditions, as well as a popular food sanitizer.

An analysis of major ion concentrations in the water of the Dead Sea gave the following results.

Major ions of Dead Sea water
Ion Concentration (mg/L)
Chloride and Bromide 230,400
Magnesium 45,900
Sodium 36,600
Calcium 17,600
Potassium 7,800



As this information shows, Chloride and Bromide ions are the highest concentration from salt found in the Dead Sea, with the Bromide occurring much more prominently than the Chloride (which is only about 12-18%). Genesis BLU FUSION uses this sodium bromide salt from the Dead Sea (Genesis TRU BLU salt) to create the low levels of pure, free bromine to perpetually clean your spa, and as we know, bromine is far superior to chlorine for this purpose in warm water recreation (see our FAQs for more information about why this is). Additionally, with a BLU FUSION system, no impure additives and other chemicals, binders, and agents should be present in your water (all of which are found in traditional brominating or chlorinating products and tablets). The added benefit of how amazing this Dead Sea Salt makes your water, and you, feel is perhaps just as important. In your hot tub or swim spa, the amount of salt used is just enough to power your BLU FUSION system and create a soft, silky feel to the water without adding any salt taste, smell, or texture.

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