What Others Are Saying

At BluWater Technology, we strive to provide the best products and services in the market. And thanks to our loyal customers, we've passed the test of time. Thank you all for your interest in our technology, products and company. Do you have a testimonial of your own? Click here to send it our way!


“As a technical person, mechanic, and electrician, I have been working with GENESIS for four years. These bromine generators are definitely superior to other products I have seen and worked with. The smaller installation footprint and the ease of retro fit into both new and existing spas make it perfect for all my customers and me. Whether putting in a new spa or helping put some life back into an old one, the GENESIS BLU FUSION happens to be my favorite. I’ve seen literally hundreds of happy customers thanks to BluWater Technology!”

“I’ve been using this product for years. I’ve recommended it to as many of my friends who have asked about what’s best for their hot tubs. I love the saltwater experience and the fact that this is the best thing I can do for my family and my health. No nasty chemicals and no nasty smell. I love the experience it provides for me and my family.”

“I wanted to say how much I like my GENESIS Bromine Generator. I have had it on my hot tub for about four years now and love the results. After adding the Tru-Blu and getting the water balanced I literally do nothing but enjoy my hot tub. The water stays very clear. I have gone as long as six months without having to change the water. I highly recommend this product as a great way to maintain your hot tub water.”

I have been using the Blu Fusion bromine generator for a little over two and a half years. I wanted to have a good therapy hot tub to melt away the tensions of the day but didn’t have time to be checking the chemical balance all the time. I also didn’t like the idea of soaking in a bunch of chemicals. So I installed the generator in a brand new tub so no other chemicals have ever been in it. It has been totally amazing how well it works, and how little effort it takes, to maintain my tub with it installed. A good example of this is during the hot summer months I don’t use my tub. And for those three or more months I just turn the heater off and leave the circulation pump run for 10 hours a day. When I opened it back up in the fall, I am so impressed at how clear and clean the water is.  I have a daughter that is very sensitive to most chemicals and she is able to enjoy our tub without any skin irritation or problems. I think the mildly salty water is also more pleasant to sit in, because it just feels softer. I highly recommend the Isis system to anyone with a hot tub.

We ordered a Genesis BLU FUSION system on our new spa because we loved having the original Genesis system on our old hot tub for years. My husband likes having less chemicals, work and hassle, but the best part is just how amazing the water feels!